Arok Poortbreker

A Strong Warrior what Fuses Stone With His Own Flesh


Tier: 1, 3/4 expenditures
Effort: 1
XP: x + 1

Pools and Edge

Ability Pool Edge
Might 21 2
Speed 18* 1
Intellect 9 0

* : -1 from wearing medium armour, -2 from wearing heavy armour.

Skills Trained
Trained in Climbing (Might)
Trained in Breaking Inanimate Objects (Might)
Trained in Jumping (Speed)
+3 to Recovery rolls

None noted.

Type Features – Glaive
Practiced in Armour (-2 to Might fatigue and Speed penalty of armours)
Practiced in All Weapons
Might Edge 1
Speed Edge 1
Trained in: Climbing
Trained in: One skill of choice
Cypher Use: Limit of Two.
Fighting Moves:
—Thrust, +1 damage with edged weapons, action.
—Bash, -1 damage and causes a daze on hit, adding +1 difficulty to the target for one turn, action.
+3 to Recovery Rolls

Descriptor Features – Strong
Very Powerful: +4 to Might Pool
Trained in All actions involving breaking inanimate objects.
Trained in Jumping.
Additional equipment of one medium or heavy weapon.

Focus Features – Fuses Stone And Flesh
Additional equipment: A light bag of tools and a variety of choice materials to repair oneself with.
Minor Effect: Like a rolling stone, you are hard to stop. Gain a +1 bonus to similar actions involving the same, repeated task.
Major Effect: A pulse of heat radiates outward from the stone worn on your body; make an immediate attack against the foe hit, and if succesfull, deal 4 points of fire damage.
Special Healing: Traditional healing skills, medicines, and techniques work only half as well for you. Each time you start at full health, the first 5 points of damage you take can never be healed in these ways or recovered normally. Instead, you must use repairing skills and abilities to restore those points. For example, if you start with a full Might Pool of 10 and take 8 points of damage, you can use recovery rolls to restore 3 points, but the remaining 5 points must be restored using repairing methods.
Enhanced Body: Gain +1 Armour, +3 Might, +3 Speed, enabler.

Battle-axe, one-handed (4 damage, medium)
Bow (4 damage, 12 arrows)
Dagger, one-handed (2 damage, light)
Dwarven Greatsword, two-handed (6 damage, large)
Gilded Sword of the Dwarven King Gregorius (A LOT, large)

Armor and value
Heavy Armour: Dwarven Heavy Plate (3 armour, 1 Might drain/hour, —3 Speed Pool)
Medium Armour: Lamellar Plates (2 armour, no Might drain/hour, —1 Speed Pool)
Enhanced Body: Stone fist, rocky lithoderms along arms and collar (1)
Shield (Asset in Defense)

Normal clothing
Armor (Lamellar plates)
Explorer’s pack (Contains 50 feet (15 m) of rope, rations for three days, three spikes, hammer, warm clothes, sturdy boots, three torches, and two minor glowglobes.)
Bag of light tools (Contains pliers, small hammer, small pry bar, chisel, sharpening stones, whetstones, choice raw materials including a chunk of onyx)
3 Days worth of rations
Cypher – Stone of Armour, +2 Armour for 24 hours
Oddity – A silken string of 90 cm in length, spooled around a small piece of wood, that coils by itself around whatever it touches.
Shins x 7144


Background: Glaive, Biomagical Augmentation
Connection: Arok worked as a peacemaker in his clanhome for a while. The peoples’ opinions of Arok vary widely.
Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: Strong: Luzan roped Arok in for a job. Coin was to be had. Since then, they just got along for more work.
Descriptor Connection: Fuses Stone to Flesh: Mark knows Arok’s right hand can be dislodged from his arm when he is not concious, leaving it entirely armless below the elbow. Arok is not aware Mark knows this.

General character description:
What is the character’s full name? Nicknames?
Arok Gatebreaker, Son of Rackli Skullbreaker, of the Snowtipped Mountainhold. Also known as Stonefist. Also known as Oathbreaker by someone.
Arok earned the name Gatebreaker for breaking a floodgate that trapped himself and some miners in the mines, saving a dozen lives but costing dearly in repair costs.
He is known as Oathbreaker to his father for leaving the mountainhold.

What is the color of the character’s hair, eyes, and skin?
Arok has dark brown, almost black hair. His eyes are grayish blue, and his skin is slightly tanned.

What is the character’s general appearance?
Arok is a stout, short man. Mostly because he’s a dwarf. He is broad, thick-set and limber, with a noted deformity in his right arm, which harbours a thick, slate gray rock fist. His hair is well-kept and clean, and his beard is kept short and trimmed, too short for any kind of braiding. Arok tends to carry a cover of lamellar plates over his broad shoulders like a sort of coat, and he is rarely seen without his helmet on his head. In his hand or at his hip, he carries a long-hafted axe. In his right hand, he usually keeps his shield. A bow is strapped along his back with a quiver, and he carries a bag over his right shoulder loosely.

What is the character’s age?
49 years.

Where was the character born?
The Snowtipped Mountainhold, within the Hollow Tops.

Describe the character’s family.
Arok’s father is a known captain of the mountain guard, delegating mine security details. Arok holds no love for his father, who would rather see him work himself to the bone gathering minerals. He broke an oath to his father to never risk the lives of many for the lives of a few.
Arok’s mother is a miner. She is disappointed in her son to be travelling abroad, hoping it is a phase of his and he will return safely to the mountainhold.
Arok’s elder brother is a tavern owner and noted alebrewer. He is happy for his brother, but envious of his leave, hoping he’ll return with tall stories and good treasure, notedly alcohol.
Arok’s younger brother is a miner. He is envious of his brother, hoping to sneak out of the mountainhold rather than break off with his family.

Has the character begun his/her own family?
Not yet.

Has the character ever done anything else (besides adventuring) for a living?
Arok has had several stints as a guard for humans, and has worked as a guard in the mines before that.

General attitudes & approach:
When or how was the character educated?
Arok was trained as a warrior and a miner as many dwarves are in their mountainhold. He was taught general education as a child, knowing his hold’s and clan’s history. He has a vested interest in rocks and geology, as well.

What are the character’s political and religious beliefs?
The gods forged the world, and were not content – so they forged dwarves as well. Dwarves forged their homes, and were not content – so they learned to brew.
Politically, Arok believes the few with the most experience ought to rule the masses, but to always be challenged by their lessers to prove their right to rule.

What is the character’s moral code?
Never be indebted to someone. If you are, you messed up somewhere.

Does your character have any prejudices?

How would your character handle an insubordinate servant?
A stern beating or public humiliation ought to suffice.

What would the character die for? What would they be willing to sacrifice the lives of their friends for?
Arok is absolutely unwilling to die for others, unless it’s to settle debt. Or to prove his father wrong. He’s not at all unwilling to sacrifice others, but he’d rather not.

Who is the one person your character trusts the most?
Probably Mark, great drinking partner, good fellow.

How would your characters parents describe him?
His father would call him an ungrateful oathbreaker.
His mother would call him wayward son.

What was the best moment of the characters life? Worst?
Best memory would probably be realizing his command over stone after Arok lost his right arm to a cave-in.
Worst memory would be him breaking the floodgates. It caused a chain of events he still seeks to resolve or stay away from.

What flaws does the character have? Is he quick to judge people? A slob?
Arok is greedy. He can barely stand to give a shin to anyone, or even a free drink – unless he’s drunk. Then, like the ale, his coinpurse may spill freely.

What advice would you give your character?
Make amends with your parents.

List the 5 most important people in the character’s life.

What is the character’s “big secret”, and what will happen if it is discovered?
Arok didn’t just save his fellow dwarves in the flooding incident, he would rather have saved only himself. After all, he neglected to inform the taskmaster of water damage in the mine until it was too late. While he did save lives that day, if people were to learn he only smashed the floodgate to save himself, his already precarious name among his fellow dwarves in the mountainhold would be worth less than gravel.

“Hey, I’ve got an interesting job for you…” Name 3 jobs that your character might find interesting.
Guard duty.
Strongarm (hah) someone into doing something.
Kill a big beast.

How will the character die? What would you consider a good end to a life well lived for this character?
Old, rich, and laughing it up that his father was a dumb sod. Or more realistically, to return to the mountainhold, raising a family of his own, after clearing his name with his family. He just doesn’t have much to prove to his father, however.

What might someone seeing the character for the first time think?
“What is wrong with that guy’s arm?”

Does the character have any goals?
Get rich. Make a name for himself. Prove his father wrong. Command the rocks to shape as armour. Maybe two arms.

What is the character’s personality?
Abrasive, gruff, dour. Among companions, he is notedly more friendly and jovial.

Any reoccurring mannerisms?
Stroking his beard, cracking his stone hand’s knuckles, “HMMM.”

What is this character’s “thing”? That is, what action, activity, saying, motion, mannerism, etc., would be considered their “trademark”, such that if I were to do it, others would say “oh, now you’re acting like [this character]”?

What is her first reaction to a situation?
Brace himself, one hand at his hip.

What would be the ultimate magic item for this character?
A magical gauntlet that could lift the heaviest burdens above his head.

What would be the worst curse this character could ever receive?
A gease that would force him to be charitable.

Are there certain things the character just cannot do? Get close to people; perceive himself realistically, etc. That is, what do people who know this character well criticize about them?
Arok cannot imagine himself to ever walk up to his family about his faults. Arok cannot willingly push himself to give aid without pay. Arok rarely will admit fault to others, either.

What does your character hate?
Admitting his mistakes.

What does your character love?
A good brawl, a good beer, a good broad.

How does the character perceive government? Those who are opposed to the government?
The wise and the able rule those that do not. There is no need to buck tradition unless it doesn’t better the entirety of a people. Until that point, opposition should be either educated into right, or intimidated if they’re persistent.

How did the character gain his abilities?

What motivates him to act as a hero now?
Is being paid heroic, these days?

How did his peers treat the character as a child? His elders?

What does your character hope to accomplish by adventuring?
Get rich, get a name, get glory.

Why is this goal more important than his safety? (i.e., Why would you take up adventuring, rather than being a nice, safe accountant?)

What is the character’s kryptonite? What is their weakness or what will paralyze them with fear?
A fear of drowning. Being forced to go head-under water makes him aggressive and willing to just run away.

What does the character do to relax?
Drink and rock carving.

Describe the characters ideal mate.
A wench with a good sense of humour, a great palette, and the most firey red hair.

What is in your character’s pockets, right now?
A shin, some lint, and a flagon. Crap. Best to get working.

What do they normally carry in their pockets that they don’t have right now, but wish they did?
More money.

What is the silliest thing your character has ever done?
Ride a domestic pig through town streets in a drunken fit.

Arok Poortbreker

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