Worshipping a particular god has the potential to bless followers with gifts or shower them with misfortunes. There seemed to be no real rhyme or reason, why the Gods chose to do what they did.
- Devone the second, Adviser of the King.

The Gods
Acobi – The Chastened Maid – The Goddess of Oath and Abandon. Her idols consist of a hanging iron chain.
“No one bound the Chastened Maid save for Herself. Her shackles are Her own Design.”

Garmuth – The Crippled Duke – The God of Purpose and Folly. His idols consist of a mirror with a a chaotic shaped edge.
“Despite His lack of senses, the Crippled Duke gives council to the humble and the wise.”

Hense – The Veiled Widow – The Goddess of Pain and Pleasure. Her idols consist of a thorned rose.
“They say the Veiled Widow is smiling beneath Her robes, Her body all scratches and scars.”

Lemaign – The Mason King – God of Hope and Despair. His idols consist of a golden hammer.
“Before each battle, soldiers prayed that the Mason King grant them high morale.”

Micia – The Lorn Mother – The Goddess of Loss and Longing. Her idols consist of a cracked silver star.
“The Lorn Mother gave away Her heart, and bears the Stars instead.”

Olak – The Carefree Son – The God of Chance and Whim. His idols consist of a white cloud.
“Alive forever in a single moment, the Carefree Son plays beyond the reach of time.”

Jevel – The Tower Keeper – The God of Health and Atrophy. His idols consist of a green tower.
“Half the Tower Keeper’s face is that of a youth in His prime, and the other, an old man.”

Pytha – The Wakeful Wife – The Goddess of Commotion and Order. Her idol consist of a brass ladle.
“The Wakeful Wife, patient yet temperamental.”

Roathus – The Gorging Host – The God of Thirst and Plenty. His idols consist of a branch with leaves.
“The Gorging Host grows ever larger yet remains insatiable, His eyes awash in tears.”

Yudri – The Rising Daughter – The Goddess of Impulse and Bravery. Her idols consist of a yellow rising sun.
“The Rising Daughter affects the wishes of all people upon the break of each new day.”

Heathen religions has often animals as its focus


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